How much does our food and beverage cost?

We would love to be able to publish standard stocktaking fees, but the truth is that there are a lot of factors that determine how much it costs to provide stocktaking, which we’ve outlined below. What we can say is that stocktaking should at the very least be self-financing and typically gives a much stronger ROI. We can say that it is always a flat fee with no addons or hidden charges. We never charge for accommodation because we always plan to finish the stocktake on the same day. We would however need to recharge for ferries for any work carried out on channel islands or flights if the work is abroad. We always welcome the opportunity to quote or to tender for business and you are never under any obligation to take things forward. In order to quote, we just need a couple of things:


To quote for stocktaking, we need:


Your name –we want to be able to address you properly and politely.


Phone number – we need this so that we can arrange a free, no-obligation site visit.


Business name –so we know where you are based. It allows us to allocate a manager that’s local to you, who will visit and provide you with your quote.


Site visit –  in most cases, we need to visit at least one of your premises, for the reasons set out below.


We are immensely proud of our accuracy as a company and it is why we always suggest site visits prior to quoting for your stocktaking.


We charge for stocktakes on a half day or full day rate, with larger stocktakes multiplying those rates by the number of stocktakers we send to complete the work. We always like to complete the stocktake on the same day, as much as is possible. The time a stocktake takes to complete is determined by a number of factors.


Those are:

  1. Stockholding
  2. Type of stock
  3. Number of storage areas and orderliness
  4. Number of bars / outlets
  5. Organisation of paperwork (invoices and delivery notes)
  6. Period between stocktakes




Stockholding affects the length of time a stocktake will take, simply by the number of cases, bottles and other lines that need counting. If you are holding £20,000 of stock, in most cases it will take double the time to count than if you are holding £10,000 stock.


Type of stock

This is why stockholding isn’t always a perfect way to estimate the length of time a stocktake will take us. Stocktaking for a bar that holds 10 beer lines and 5 wine lines is going to be a much quicker process than stocktaking a wine bar with a similar stockholding value but 150 lines of wine. The nature of your business and the size of your menu will be taken into consideration when we quote for stocktaking.


Number of storage areas / Number of bars

In most cases, it is quicker for us to reconcile stock reports for sites with one storage area and one bar. Stock movements between areas and bars, if not tracked efficiently, can cause variances and the resulting brain-work can take a stocktaker more time to process your results. Then there’s simply more time to move between the areas, especially if you have a large site. Therefore we always take the number of storage areas and bars into account when writing your stocktaking quote.



The most common reason for a stocktake to take a long time or to be delayed is if the required paperwork, such as invoices and delivery notes, are not available to the stocktaker on the day of the stocktake. This is less of a concern when quoting for work, because we expect paperwork to be available as it is required to process your results. Be aware that if it is missing, your results may not be sent to you on the day of the stocktake, which is not ideal from a stock control perspective.


Period between stocktakes

The period you leave between stocktakes plays a part in determining the cost. For example, if you have stocktakes every two months, in that period your business will typically gather double the paperwork (invoices, delivery notes) that your stocktaker needs to process in order to generate your results. Therefore you will find that it is slightly cheaper to receive stocktaking every month than it is to have them every two, three, six or twelve months.


Our site visits are always free and you are under no obligation to buy once you receive your quote.

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