Wondering if your menu is maximising profits for your restaurant, hotel or pub? Unsure about how to cost a menu yourself? We can help! Running a profitable hospitality business goes much further than just producing good quality food. How to cost a menu, which includes the science of menu engineering, is another key foundation to the profitability of any food hospitality business.

Calculating and analysing your restaurant, hotel or pub’s food costs concerns more than just ingredient and dish prices. Truly understanding how to cost a menu means delving deeper into understanding how menu engineering affects your business’ operational costs – such as procurement and ordering. It also means understanding the balance of factors that influence the menu costing formula and how to optimise this.

Controlling food costs by applying proven menu engineering techniques will ensure your customers continue to receive high quality food whilst at the same time increasing your business’ profit.

Menu costing and menu engineering can help your business gain margins you didn’t think you were missing out on. Allow our expert consultants to help you find the right food cost balance and show you how to cost your menu and make it a success.

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