Keeping track of guest supplier deliveries can be a thankless task. The stress of everyday operations is often be aggravated by delivery errors, unexpected shortages or storage overloading. Our guest supplier audit service was birthed following a noticeable increase in customer demand.

Supplier relationships often go unchecked because they are frequent and essential to the smooth running of your hotel, restaurant or pub’s operations. But how can you be certain your business is receiving what you have paid for?

At Venners we specialise in all kinds of supplier audits. Anything from food and beverage to linen and towels, our consultants carry out supplier audit inspections to ensure contracts are adhered to and over or under-supplying is eliminated. Not only that, supplier audits scrutinise the quality of delivered materials too.

Third party supplier audits are a safe way of keeping your suppliers accountable. The benefits are two dimensional: supplier audits ensure you have tighter control over the supply process, but also ensure that your suppliers know that their service standards are under constant surveillance.

Many of businesses could be missing out on thousands of pounds purely because they don’t invest in supplier audits. Call us today to start managing the supplies of your venue or event in an improved way.

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