Whether you own one restaurant or one hundred, you will, at some point have looked at your margins and thought to yourself, “wow, they’re thin. Really thin.” You probably spend time each week trying to find ways to control costs by cutting back on staff or tweaking dish specifications, with the goal to add figures to your bottom-line and increase profitability. There are a vast number of things you can do, but without drilling down into your operating data, you’ll struggle to find the answers.

If you need help with operational performance, Venners Consulting have a range of services that illuminate threats and issues within your kitchen. We can help you benchmark all manner of options, from menus, to cocktails to dishes. This can help significantly when launching new concepts. We’ll help you improve margins right across your menu by analysing data and implementing changes that drive profitability.

We can audit hotel breakfasts, carvery concepts, beef burger specifications as well as hotel guest and linen supplies. At every turn, we’ll analyse what is actually happening in your business and provide you with valuable reports and advisories, always with a strong ROI.

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