In today’s oversaturated hospitality market, performance benchmarking is proving to be an increasingly vital component to every business’ survival.

The benchmarking process often determines KPIs that keep you that one step ahead of competition and helps you achieve best practice standards. Every restaurant, hotel or pub’s business functions could benefit from the performance benchmarking process. Whether it is recipe analysis, cooking control analysis, workflow analysis, EPoS analysis, wastage analysis or storage analysis; performance benchmarking can prototype sustainable solutions to help progress any functional area in your business.

Our expert consultancy team support your business by developing post-benchmarking strategies that enhance standards across your estate. They will carry out performance benchmarking analysis of your business’ capabilities down to the smallest details and interpret data and processes with deep acumen. They will even go so far as to work seamlessly with your employees by educating them on best practices and training them on proven methodologies.

Venners partners with an enormous range of hospitality clients on a daily basis. You can be assured that our benchmarking process will be of industry leading quality. Performance benchmarking helps keep your business stay at the top of its game. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Menu Benchmarking

Menu Benchmarking is the process of theoretically testing a whole menu prior to launch to ensure you have the optimal prices, ingredient ratios and order quantities set correctly. Not benchmarking these prior to launch can lead to new lines quickly becoming loss makers that eat into your profits.

Menu changes are commonplace in the restaurant sector and should improve your business by keeping your offer fresh. But always speak to one of our consultants before launch, whether it’s a new restaurant, a new menu or the implementation of a seasonal/holiday menu to guarantee you make the most from the change.

Recipe Benchmarking

Making each individual recipe profitable to you and enjoyable for your clientele is an art form all of itself, with many challenges. Switching suppliers, the changing availability of seasonal ingredients or simply the quest to improve the flavour of dishes can all impact upon the profitability of your lines.

Benchmarking your menu can alleviate the problems associated with ingredient switches, making sure you are banking the maximum – we call it yield maximisation.

Benchmarking new menus, dish innovations or supplier switches can help you launch more profitable food offers. Speak to a consultant now

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