The risk of shrinkage for hospitality businesses is huge. Venners Ltd, the hospitality industry’s major stocktaking firm, has been delivering loss prevention solutions in the form of liquor and food stocktaking since 1896. As good a solution as it is, independent stocktaking will only get you so far! If you’re wondering which of your bar staff is giving away free drinks, pilfering from your tills, under-ringing drinks or committing serious financial fraud with your banking, then you need a stronger solution.

A KPMG fraud survey found that 75 percent of the 459 responding organizations experienced some form of fraud during the prior 12 month period and most employee theft is never discovered.

In the USA, The National Restaurant Association reported that the cost of employee theft for its members totalled over £6.5 billion in 2007 or 4 percent of food sales. An older NRA study estimated the annual average theft per employee at £168 per employee.

We have a suite of services designed to combat financial misdemeanours. Reactive unannounced audits of tills, banking and cash, proactive announced audits designed to deter theft, surveillance of bar and outlet areas to capture strong evidence and investigatory services that follow the money from the point of sale to wherever it leads – which is not always a till! This range of services often result in sackings. We’ve even noted some bar staff leaving of their own accord having witnessed other errant employees learning their fate, in comprehending what was then going to happen to them.

We will unearth the theft problems in your business, which can potentially save you tens of thousands of pounds per site.

Need Help Combating Theft Or Fraud?